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Workplace Kits

Your workplace should have survival kits for the employees. They range from simple kits with just food rations and water, to extensive kits with emergency evacuation equipment.

  • The simple kits consist of a three day food ration, a three day supply of water and survival blanket. These kits can be put into each employees workstation.
  • There is a small office kit which consists of food and water rations, survival blankets, whistles, flashlights, goggles, dust masks, radio, pry bar, duct tape, caution tape, hard hat, work gloves, safety vest and first aid supplies.
  • For larger offices there are ten person survival kits available in a lockable Rubbermaid storage container. The supplies in this kit consist of food, water and rescue blankets for ten people. Also included is a full first aid kit, search and rescue equipment, lighting products and hygiene products.
  • There are also sixty person survival cabinets available with enough supplies to sustain sixty people for 72 hours.

As you can see, there is a great variety of kits to suit the needs of any business.
Examples of all of these kits can be viewed here: Columbia Survival Kits

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