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Workplace Emergencies

The reason for an emergency preparedness plan is simple. Preperation can save lives and money. The aim of a business emergency plan is to reduce the risk of injury to your customers and/or employees, and to reduce the damage to property and environment that often result from a disaster. All employees should be aware of their workplace emergency plan. Knowledge, planning and practice can reduce the risk of any serious injury or death. Lack of preparation can be a fatal flaw in your overall business planning. Each employee will have a certain responsibility in the plan and should be trained accordingly. Your business, school or organization should conduct maditory routine disaster management drills. Tens of thousands of lives were saved at the World Trade Center due to the high level of emergency preparation in the wake of the 1993 attacks. Most people exersized a disciplaned calm that can only come from planning and practice. If you own or operate a business or service company, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and the general public. Take the time to prepare and don't get caught unaware. The time to start is right now.

Basically, every emergency plan is different, but all of them have some common features such as a list of officials and agencies that will respond to the emergency, an outline of the structure and floorplan of your operation, who is in charge of the situation and a list of responsibilities. It should describe the communication systems that will be used, as well as have a resource list for finding information, contacts and equipment in a hurry. With a well thought out plan in effect and the proper first aid and emergency supplies made available, the workplace will be a much safer place and your personal and financial risks will be greatly reduced. Check with the local chapter of the St. John's Ambulance or the Red Cross for training opportunities for your staff. Remember, disasters can happen anytime. Most areas in North America are prone to experiencing some form of natural disaster once in a while. Be prepared, not scared.


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